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I’m Winning



Winning in Christ is sooooo much easier said that done. To stand in the face of them who despise you, walk amongst the wolves  knowing that they desire to sift you and mangle you into pieces never to be found again, how do you cope? I say Jesus Christ. Thats it, I look at his crucifixion and thinks of how he stays calm, quiet and reserved, never quick to rise with response, slow to speak and he remained wise in his choice of words. This is how we must walk in the earth. Darkness is ever around us and we are ever walking in it, but how we choose to let our light shine is solely based on us. Do we keep it concealed by being introverts or do we blend in as Jesus did and throw nuggets of knowledge when they least expect it. I’m convinced that this is not an easy win but a valuable one. The win I’m referencing to will change you, your perspective and outcome forever. Learn that just one time can be relevant for a Lifetime. One win, one triumph, one conquer, one show, one title, one accomplishment can change your course FOREVER. So do you fear this level of experience? Do you fear this type of authority? Can you handle this measure of strength? Are you determined to triumph? When I welcomed this choice I took the first step and overcame fear. I overcame the fear that held me bound, fear that kept me from reaching my potential, false evidence appearing real halted my endeavor to be great. This day I can declare with out doubt that I overcame it!!! Level one……CONQUERED.


I am Winning