Familiarize yourself with “New Sounds”

If you haven’t been made privy to my latest single “Deliverance Prayer”, let’s change that. Click the link below, listen, like, tell me what you think and then #Repost and #share


World of love


I love Music

So it’s really hard for an artist/male/musician to explain genre’s, secular or non-secular music to someone simply because that’s not what I hear. The truth is, that as a musical guru you’re subject to see me rock’n out to come classical tunes of Bach or Mozart & 3 minutes later it’s replaced with a 4 on the floor Blake Shelton belting out random tunes with a deep southern drawl. I love tunes, I love all the instrument in the band, even more how they all can work together harmonically and take me to a place of bliss that it’s not even explainable. I’m a musical sponge, yodle, crack, scream, whimper, belt, whine, scatt, growl, do whatever but if it was interpreted in some odd way to generate such a sound understand that I’m the guy who’s there in the crowd  tooting your horn, cheerleading because I’m a fan of the creativity! Im a fan of the ability, a fan of the way you took something that seemed so small and showed how small is really wasn’t, singers, musician this is what we do, create, inspire and do it to the best of our ability. I love music, country, rock, jazz, christian, pop, Rythym & Blues, Techno, hip hop you name it, I can appreciate it-