Familiarize yourself with “New Sounds”

If you haven’t been made privy to my latest single “Deliverance Prayer”, let’s change that. Click the link below, listen, like, tell me what you think and then #Repost and #share


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This is my Bread & Water (Inspired 2 Do the Will of Him that sent Me)

Nothing will take the place of persistence. Not talent, not genius, not Education. Understand that persistance and determination are alone omnipotent! I’ve learned that unsuccesful men with talent are more common than necessary. So this is a clarion call to Men who may need a thrust or boost of encouragement. No more procrastination, no more depression, no more confusion, instead lets get up and make something of ourselves. We are awarded talents, and to these talents we can woove in skill, within the wooving of the skill we can obtain wisdom, and with that you have SUCCESS. Do something with that which is given to you. Don’t be fearful because fear IS NOT real. Amazingly we will process all that could go wrong, all that seems out of place or even the lack of probabilty there may in an opportunity without ever giving optimism a chance. Today I charge you see what you don’t see, I charge you to inspire YOURSELF to greatness. You are a winner, you are an entrepreneur, you are hired, you are skilled, you have landed the deal, never the less you are the HE whom HE created you to be!!

This is my bread & water, Inspired to do the will of him that sent me





Driven By Failure

Failure is not an option…..that’s a quote spoken only by ones who are extremely relentless. I often think of this quote. I find myself chewing on it and often rehearsing it to myself several times over, it drives me in most cases to be even better. More so I  think of the scripture quoted by Christians “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthened me” simply beacause I realized that there are no limits or boundaries in the faith I’ve chosen to believe. I can do whatever I set my mind too, achieve whatever goals I desire. I can make, dream, wish or cause any desire to manifest because  I/We are Gods greatest creation. I am able to do ANYTHING….ANYTHING…..ANYTHING. I love that God has given me power over all the power of the wicked one!! I can overcome all my struggles, bounce back from my failures, in fact be even better than I was before. Let your downfalls or mishaps work for you. My biggest insecurity is my strongest muscle! Work your faith people and stand in the face of failure and say “ImageInsI Am Greater Than You!” Who is greater the my God……. NO ONE! Fail?!?!? What fail….no here My God doesnt do that!