Once again happy 2015

I’m excited to step into a new year and guess what it’s moving along already! Goals…accomplishing them, dreams….making them a reality, change…learning that it is the only thing consistent. Life is full of choices, opportunities and riddles. This makes for a delicious recipe. Taste it & enjoy the savory flavors of the “What’s to come”



Encouraging YOU!!

I’m interested in Encouraging the believers today. You can’t stop a believer. We have #Hope & hope cannot be contained. Hope quickens everything In our midst! #Hope #Faith & #Love , three virtues that will always stand!! #LetsGoTeam #TeamJesus #Belivers #Faith #UpLifted #ItsJDC



Its almost here a new year and seems to be I’m going to be throwing out a serious shockwave with this NEW SINGLE. I’m ready and I hope you all are as well. Stay connected the time is drawing nigh


Air Travel and the Ebola Circus.

Originally posted on JetHead's Blog:


Air Travel and the Ebola Circus.

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” –Jimmy Buffet

Government leaders are frantic to do something, anything, to assuage concern about the potential spread of Ebola. But air travel is neither the problem nor the solution.

Nonetheless, the government answer is, as in so many crises, that even doing a useless thing is better than doing nothing. So we now have “increased screening” at several airports, including JFK. But the problem is, the Ebola patient who died recently in Dallas arrived from Brussels, while the increased screening targets passengers arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leonne, and Guinea. One connection later, as in his case, the possibility of detection is beyond the “new” screening.


Meanwhile, no mention is made of special screening of international arrivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, all of which have seaports and airports with regular international arrivals from Europe…

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Stay Tuned

I know it’s hard waiting patiently but I’m a witness that’s if you hold on God always proves himself faithful. S/O to the one and only Jesus Christ who died in the cross that you and I might have life and the right unto the tree of life. That was no small deed in fact it was so grand that it’s granted me access place my flesh could never take me.

Only You Lord

#StayTuned #ItsJDC