This is my Bread & Water (Inspired 2 Do the Will of Him that sent Me)

Nothing will take the place of persistence. Not talent, not genius, not Education. Understand that persistance and determination are alone omnipotent! I’ve learned that unsuccesful men with talent are more common than necessary. So this is a clarion call to Men who may need a thrust or boost of encouragement. No more procrastination, no more depression, no more confusion, instead lets get up and make something of ourselves. We are awarded talents, and to these talents we can woove in skill, within the wooving of the skill we can obtain wisdom, and with that you have SUCCESS. Do something with that which is given to you. Don’t be fearful because fear IS NOT real. Amazingly we will process all that could go wrong, all that seems out of place or even the lack of probabilty there may in an opportunity without ever giving optimism a chance. Today I charge you see what you don’t see, I charge you to inspire YOURSELF to greatness. You are a winner, you are an entrepreneur, you are hired, you are skilled, you have landed the deal, never the less you are the HE whom HE created you to be!!

This is my bread & water, Inspired to do the will of him that sent me







JDC   is a highly sought after Christian/Gospel Artist who’s known for his rare vocal abilities and energetic/ uplifting performances.


JDC es un artista Gospel cristiano conocido por sus habilidades vocales y actuaciones con performance bailables muy edificantes como “Deliverance Prayer”. 


JDCes un contemporáneoamericano con la capacidad defusionarvarios géneros, es un gran intérpreteparacualquier tipo de público. Con suexitosa canciónactual, tituladaEl Predicador” y “Best of Me” en las estaciones de radioy estaciones delínea, comoRadioImpacto, Miracle MusikRadioand NationRadioJudá.Tieneuna vasta historiaen la músicay el entretenimiento.Conmiles devisitas en Youtubey seguidores en medios sociales.Éles muy buscadopara muchoseventos incluyendolos avivamientospara jóvenes,cumbres, y conciertos. A continuación el video”Good News”.


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Getting Your Stamp Of Approval

Getting Your Stamp Of Approval

It’s hard to see through the forest, and with fear and drowning hope lingering in the forefront of your mind it’s kind of pointless to be optimistic (most would think). So today I take the time to lend a hint of wisdom. Here it goes, are you ready………..JESUS CHRIST!!

I’ve been there, in that place of emptiness, the place of failure, embarrassment, even the place of melancholy. None of it feels good but in life we learn feelings are temporal. Never go by what you see, but by what you know. The reason I encourage believers to do what right according the gospel of Jesus Christ is simply because what you sow is what you will surely reap. Often times we as believers will find ourselves in a forest not realizing this wilderness experience is the payment we are due. If you’ve been sowing into others, not just friends and family but literally others, if you’ve been giving Christ time of substance, if you’ve been striving and accomplishing change in your heart the forest is what you need. The forest is the last phase before advancement. Learn that in Jesus Christ suffering is the ultimate stamp of approval for advancement in the Kingdom. I encourage you to start looking at your trials as tests from a different perspective. Start taking that uncomfortable feeling and transforming it. Where is your will to press? If you can’t find it, you’re not seeking hard enough. We are created in the image of an all powerful being and theres no reason we should’nt be winning. Learn to take it all in, the joy, the sorrow, learn to appreciate all that you feel and experience. Suffering is necessary for teaching, self examination and growth. But soon after comes the day when you realize that you are reigning, you will look back on the suffering that you’ve endured and surprisingly you’ll be glad. You’ll be glad you suffered because now you know how to Reign!!!!


A Moment at Guitar Center


It’s been years since I’ve held a pair of drumsticks seeing as vocals are taking over. However I was at guitar center today letting loose on and electric kit, (all that’s been locked away).

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