Positive Perspectives

You know when God created mankind the whole concept was to create more like him and that the “More like him’s” he created would all live in harmony. Never the less as we all have read (some heard) sin entered the world and that vein of perfection was severed. Thus here we are, scurrying about our own lives, on our own accord, seeking our own paths and our own dreams however there should be some light shed on our approach to these things. Life is not easy and it never will be, but let us learn to appreciate one another. I’ve learned that I’ll encounter many different beings, cultures, races, thought patterns, friends, associates etc. But how I treat them is the key to my livelihood and success. Some call it seeds, some call it karma, some call it down right payback but whatever it is it always takes care of us. Whether the consequence be beneficial or chastising we are served. Lets learn to love one another no matter how different and realize that no one is the reason we are where we are. Learn to appreciate the person who thinks so completely different than yourself. Start speaking in the morning, if you wake up tired don’t be grumpy, realize that someone did NOT wake up at all. Start being polite to the vessel sitting next to you. These things we say we can fix, the so called bad habits, I call them demons. Anything that will hinder you from exuberating the positive energy and joy that God created you to pour out into and dark and evil world will no longer be tamed!! Walk in love and I have loved you saith Jesus Christ and even if you don’t believe in Christ, it’s mighty funny that Joy is still a good feeling. No one is happy with a frown in fact it hurts like hell to keep frowning when you don’t want too!!!! I’m J D C and I just had to get that off my chest. We walk around so disappointed about minor things not realizing that someone somewhere else has stood where you stood, triumphed and kept moving while you bask in complaining, bask in negative downward spirals of failure when you can turn that thing around with a positive outlook and perspective. Once again Life is NOT easy but, remember we were created in his image. Though there are a few obstacles that will try and stop you, but the he who’s image we were created in has no limitations and cannot be stopped, cannot hindered or overthrown……….if i’m in him, look like him, I am him…….hmph need I say more. Take notes and realize that I’m not the only one Justified and defined~ 

One thought on “Positive Perspectives

  1. Thank you for the encourage words and continue to allow God to work through you be bless much love from you mom.

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