Status: Stable

Top of the morning to the world. Thank God for the stability in mind and body! It’s Christ who causes me to filter so keenly. I have no complaint’s about this life. He’s is my joy and my strength. I triumph not in my praise but in my obedience to his word. In my obediance I am what he calls a worshiper. His worshipers are upright in spirit and truth! Who stands against truth (Christ). If God be for us, WHO can be against us!! Keep it up Church, ohh trust me it’s working!!!



Man, I woke up this morning, my limb’s are active, I can smile, I still have my loved ones, my needs are met! These are the reason’s why I still believe God. He created me and the me he created is yet and still alive and well. It doesn’t take much at all for me to give God everything he wants, simply because everything he created me to do,  I am able to do. Often we put stipulations on God, we expe…ct God to do things we think he should do, maybe we need to find out what he said he’d do and hold him to it, not what we think he should be doing. Trust me, when you find that out your who perspective will change and you’ll find out just how faithful he really has been, even for one like myself who hasn’t lived up to what he required of me, his love is so abounding I’ve compelled to realize it’s not about me. I’ve made the vow that I will never let it be about me. It’s all about Jesus!!!!!!

First Step Toward Greatness

Top of the morning to the believer. Today is a day to appreciate that we are alive and well, breathing and clothed in our right mind. Able to discard every thought of negativity, able to say “no” instead of “yes” to any temptation, any attitude someone else may harbor, “no” to any unstabe mood we may want to operate in. A day to go above and beyond to shine as a light in darkness This is a day that you take the first step toward the father and the Son of man, you stand fast against everything contrary to what is morally right. Have you ever had to stand in the middle of a HURRICANE?!?! Well get ready because if you’re are ever going to be anything, this is exactly what it’s going to take. Be encourage yo, I’ve done it and so can you!


Give it to me!!!!

Jesus Christ you’re so freak’n awesome. I’m getting this thing called life no matter what you say. I’m not talking about the mundane exercises of getting up and breathing (the worlds definition of life). I’m talking about the true life. Joy, peace, long suffering, the ability to stand, after I’ve done all, yet and still standing, faith in all things, hope in all things, humbleness, not arrogant, self controlled, word willed, authoritized, the epitomy of Christ in the earth! Give it to me because God said it’s MINE!!!!!


The Wilderness Experience

Suffering is a vital part to this life in the father. Israel didn’t get the miracles of God until they set foot in the wilderness. The wilderness produces the knowing of God. What can I say? I say you gotta have a wilderness experience! John waxed strong in the wilderness until the day of his showing, Jesus fasted in prayed and was tempted in the wilderness, believers grew strong and were sustained in the wilderness by faith, Abraham awaited the three men where??? IN THE WILDERNESS, Moses recieved the law of God on a mountain in the THE WILDERNESS. The supernatural is revealed in the wilderness. Man, the wilderness is where you find him, not in your comfort zone but in the very place you don’t understand. Yet in the very place you don’t understand, “IF” you can comprehend why you there, you can excel and be come greater than the THEY around you. Keep plunging people, it only get’s deeper and deeper with him!!!



Greatful for Understanding

JDC is grateful, not just today but everyday. I thank God everyday for being the same. How can I be moody and wishy-washy about this life when the one I say I’m connected to isn’t wishy-washy. Christ is stability. When we learn the differences of spirituality and religion then we learn to walk with Christ in our lives not on our shoulders, or on our lips. He said” this wicked and perverse nation dr…aweth nigh to me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.” We spend too much time trying to look like a believer instead of just being one. Your character and attributes should resonate in so much and that people notice you work different, speak different, suffer thing differently, approach life differently….c’mon people, love God through Christ Jesus the way God wants to be loved. Not the way we think he wants to be loved but the way he asked to be loved!JDC

Strong In Christ

So today I ever the more lifted. I thank God for his son Jesus Christ. Not the Jesus who we hyprocitical christians say died on the cross that we can sin over and over and he forgives us, when we knew  right from wrong when we were committing it! But the Jesus who has compassion on the repentive heart. Jesus is so cool because he’s not concerned about our like’s or feelings but concerned about the nuturing, saving, and tranformation of your soul. Concerned about building of character. He never moves your problems out the way, wrather he’s gives you a strength to overcome them, rise above them and in Jesus he guarantees that you never have to condescend to that low state again. I’ve made decisions in life, even now and I stand strong wainting for the offspring, negative or posotive, I’m ok, because I know that the God I trust in will cause me to prosper, through the goads, the storm, the pain, the joy and the bliss. We must learn the bare his burden. Not your own burden by the will of the flesh but the burden of the Lord. It’s brings benefits. The flesh always yeilds death. The spirit of Christ yeilds forth life.