Change your outlook on Life

I’ll do it tomorrow is the mantra of most everyone that has yet to reach their full potential. 

This hits me hard. Not all the time but at least 30% of the time I find myself putting something on the back burner. This may or may not be your bad habit but I want to push any and everyone to move forward with their lives. Push you to perfect yourselves in efficiency. Learning to make use of your time is one the best things we could ever accomplish. I won’t harp on forever and ever just take heed if you want to do better. Trust me when I say I’m taking heed to myself. 

J it’s time to do better! 


Once again happy 2015

I’m excited to step into a new year and guess what it’s moving along already! Goals…accomplishing them, dreams….making them a reality, change…learning that it is the only thing consistent. Life is full of choices, opportunities and riddles. This makes for a delicious recipe. Taste it & enjoy the savory flavors of the “What’s to come”



Encouraging YOU!!

I’m interested in Encouraging the believers today. You can’t stop a believer. We have #Hope & hope cannot be contained. Hope quickens everything In our midst! #Hope #Faith & #Love , three virtues that will always stand!! #LetsGoTeam #TeamJesus #Belivers #Faith #UpLifted #ItsJDC



Its almost here a new year and seems to be I’m going to be throwing out a serious shockwave with this NEW SINGLE. I’m ready and I hope you all are as well. Stay connected the time is drawing nigh